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Frequently Asked Questions



QPlaceYourGuests, what is it ?
APlaceYourGuests is an online application to help realization of Seating Plan, useful for organization of festive events (wedding, ceremony, reception,...) or professional events (meeting, Gala Dinner, conference,...). From guests list management to printing of your PDF files, via assistance to automated guests placement and positioning of your tables by drag and drop, PlaceYourGuests follows you at all steps of Seating Plan creation of your event.
QThis service does it work with all browsers ?
APlaceYourGuests has been tested and works with most internet browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. For performance and best user experience reasons, our team recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
QWhat type of Internet connection do I need ?
AA broadband Internet connection like DSL is highly recommended to fully enjoy the service.
QWhat is the minimum screen resolution to use the service ?
A1024 x 768 pixels is the minimum resolution. However, for optimum comfort, we recommend a screen resolution greater than or equal to 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Sign up / Login

QI don't receive my mail after registration, what happens?
AFirst thing is to make sure that the email entered is correct and valid. Then, it is possible that the email has been sent but have received in your spam box. Make it clear to your webmail (if any) that it is not one.
QWhy it sometimes happens that access to my own account is temporarily denied / blocked ?
AFor security reasons, system blocks access to an account when one is already occupied by an active session (scenario caused by simultaneous access to several people at the same user account, for example). To avoid such inconvenience, remember to log out when you leave the service.


QWhom are targeted the PRO offers to ?
AThe PRO offers have been created for professional people, which need to use this service many times over a given period. They have the advantage of allowing the management of the organization of several events through affiliate codes. Each code can create one event. You get as many codes as ordered, usable at any desired date !
Thus, those codes represent a real added value to the services of the professional. By communicating this code to your client, he will dipose of its event as and when it sees fit.


QDo I have a Paypal account to pay for my order ?
ANo, you can pay using your credit card if you don't have a Paypal account associate.

My Guest List

QWhy I can not access to the guestlist when I'm connected with a test account ?
AAs its name suggests, this account serve primarily to be used by any visitor wishing to try PlaceYourGuests service without prior registration, in order to better understand its functioning. Therefore, the menu 'My Event' is inaccessible from such an account.
QI realize that I need to add new guests to my list, but its capacity has reached its limit. How do I ?
AGo to 'My events' page and click on 'Grow Capacity' button for concerned event and let yourself be guided.
QIt seems that my guestlist file has errors because I can not upload it. What happens there ?
AThere are a set of features that your file must meet to be imported correctly. For more details click here.
QI already have a guest list but in Microsoft Excel format, what to do ?
AYou just need to convert it to CSV file (.csv and semicolon separating) or text file (.txt). To do this, follow this little tutorial that will meet your needs without doubt.
QWhat is RSVP functionality ?
AWith PlaceYourGuests, you now have the option to restart your guests so they can confirm their presence at the event you are organizing. In the event of your page, select a guest list filled with their email and click "Restart selection". You must have completed your first name and surname (and ideally, a date for your event). A written email is then sent to each guest, inviting them to confirm or not its presence via PlaceYourGuests. When he replied, an email is sent to you and your list is updated automatically.
To send a single invitation to several related guests (like a couple for example), enter the same email for these guests. One email will be sent and the guest can answer for all the guests involved.

My proximity constraints

QWhen I introduce proximity constraints, I sometimes see a message about 'Deducted Constraint'. What is it ?
AThis is not a constraint placed by user but which follows logically from the constraints placed. For example: if user puts constraints 'Nicolas Must be next to Carla' and 'Nicolas Must be next to Barack', then the constraint inferred from this is 'Carla Must be next to Barack'. Another example: the user enters the constraints 'Nicolas Must be next to Carla' and 'Carla not next to Cecilia', then we obtain the constraint inferred 'Nicolas not next to Cecilia'.
QWhy does it happen that a proximity constraint disappears when I place a guest in Seating Plan or reverse, a guest set should be deleted after entering a constraint ?
AWhether you add a proximity constraint or you place a guest in a table manually, service is guarantor of logical integrity between proximity constraints and Seating Plan. In clear, for example if you create a separation constraint between 2 guests and add a table where you place these 2 guests, the system will automatically remove your separation constraint, because it has no place to be.