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Tips for guests placement

1. Create your tables

Add and set your empty tables at the moment, as you want them arranged in reality. Make sure you choose settings such as the shape or the number of places will be available in the place where will be your receipt.

2. Complete "mandatory" tables at hand

Married, Families relatives, close friends, couple tables ... Manually fill the "required" tables, ie those guests know each other and that, because of their links, you can not separate.

3. Add proximity constraints (optional)

The advantage with automatic placement is that you do not have to worry about exactly where to place your guests. You simply have to refer to people who absolutely must be met in the same table (as a couple for example) using the constraint "Must be next to" or, conversely, people that you know should certainly not be found side by side (at random: the former John and Jean, Uncle Hubert and tata Micheline, Sylvie office colleague with Bernard Bernard, ...) with the constraint "Do not be next to".

4. Finish filling

For the remaining guests (those we do not know what to do too ^_^) , it may be useful to switch automatic generation and manual placement as many times as you want. The investment will be in accordance with your tables already filled (step 2) as well as your proximity constraints (step 3). The result can satisfy ... or not . If this is not the case, nothing prevents you to use one of two options ( or both) : grouping of people with the same age range and/or creation of single-sex tables.
Aware that the engine automatic placement will always consider manual user action, namely:

  • it will not move your guests placed manually
  • it will fill the empty seats considering your proximity constraints and your chosen options

Overall Tip

Placement of guests is often a dreaded step in organizing a reception. Many sources already exist on the subject on the web, we are sure you will find your happiness :). Just remember that the seating is required and necessary step to ensure the success of your reception ... Enjoy!